Jim holds an M.Div. degree, but instead of going into the ministry, he became a professional magician and speaker. For over twelve years, Jim performed for adults at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California, entertaining the public, celebrities, and other magicians. Jim discovered his real nitch when he began to use magic as a medium for motivating adults and students. His school assembly programs on bullying, peer-pressure, smoking and drugs, and character education have been popular in many states across America, and he has addressed over half a million students.

Jim has been studying the work of Rene Girard for over a decade. The first book he read was Gil Ballie's
Violence Unveiled. After that he immediately tackled Girard's Violence and the Sacred, followed by Things Hidden Since The Foundation of the World, and was off and running.
Jim's mission is to inspire interest in the Bible, and spark dialogue about the Bible's relevance to contemporary issues of violence.

Compassion Or Apocalypse is the first truly comprehensible guide to Girard's mimetic theory and its applications to biblical interpretation, written for easy accessibility by those new to Girard's thought.

"Ever since I began reading Girard, and ever since I began re-reading the Bible in the light of Girard, I've wished someone could make Girard's insights more widely accessible. I tried to do so in one chapter in one of my books, but Girard has far too much magic for just one chapter, which is why I'm so glad for Jim's performance in these pages. ... Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for your world to be shaken."

Brian McLaren, Author and Speaker
          (from the book's Foreward)
James Warren has given us what I would strongly recommend as one of the very best books to help a beginner plunge into Girard's ideas. This book is as comprehensive as it is clear.

         Andrew Marr. St. Gregory's Abbey
What you will get from Jim Warren is the two thousand year old message of Jesus changing the violent way we are, the violent way we think, the misshapen way in which we make our violent humanity. Jim is a professional magician, but the magic he's talking of and teaching is strictly real, rooted in the profound undercurrent of truth and life welling up in today's world from Jesus. Watch and learn from Jim's brilliant and fascinating videos. Invite him to your group. He'll tell you about today's humanity and, even better, tomorrow's Christianity!

Anthony Bartlett, author of
Cross Purposes: The Violent Grammar of Christian Atonement
Virtually Christian: How Christ Changes Human Meaning and Makes Creation New
One of the most memorable evenings in the history of COV&R (Colloqium on Violence & Religion)! The show was absolutely fantastic. You not only have the mechanics of magic down but your patter is superb. You are quite the showman, and the customizing of the show for mimetic theory was outstanding. The show was THE item of conversation on all the shuttle buses the next day!

Martha J. Reineke, Ph.D.
Professor of Religion
Department of Philosophy and World Religions
University of Northern Iowa